The Founders


Carl Fismer Captain Carl Fismer has a long and illustrious career in shipwreck exploration that
  has made him a living legend in the industry.  Carl is in possession of over 200,000
  documents copied and translated from the Spanish Archives of Seville, which are the
  life’s work of Jack Haskins. These are the ship’s logs, the explorer journals and the
  diaries of the Conquistadors who plundered the riches of the New World. These detailed
  records of where the treasures are sunk or buried have already led Carl to the Holy Grail
  of shipwreck discoveries. Carl can also make you laugh longer and harder than anyone else.

  It’s Carl’s work that leads us to our most prized finds. TREASURE! TREASURE! TREASURE!  



Charles Hambleton  Charles Hambleton is our Academy Award Winning producer and film maker.
  Bringing his wealth of movie making and real life story-telling knowledge fresh from
  his work on THE COVE, Charles is an explorer and adventurer without equal. Knowing
  a great story when he sees it, Charles is committed to making sure the world will
  experience the impact of our discoveries in theaters and on all types of screens.
  The richness, importance and depth of what we have found will be transferred to the masses
  inspiring greater environmental consciousness and love of our planet, and love for each other. 

  Documenting our adventure to inspire and educate. The Data. The Data. The Data More


Bill Span  Bill Span sees the discoveries as One Big Technology Transfer much greater than his
  previous efforts which lead to the lowering of long distance communications for the
  American people. Bill’s early work spread the disruptive force known as prepaid
  phone cards. Bill and a dozen other early-ins forced LD rates to plummet and conversations
  to flow without becoming a financial burden. As much as anyone in the world, Bill knows
  that a few strong and focused people, who lock arms and commit to a great effort, can
  change the world. It's Bill's long friendship with Carl Fismer that fires our guns. Bill's
  new team is positioned just perfectly. Bill loves football, basketball and the the great unknown.  
  The Team! The Team! The Team!  More


 The Support Crew


JJ Sandlin  JJ Sandlin, a highly accomplished attorney specializing in international law, has donated
  his 501(c)3 tax deductible non-profit corporation to us for our mission. The wise counsel
  and advice provided by JJ allows us to always be able to create the most good for the most
  people. JJ’s heroic and unauthorized leveling of the enemy and an entire mountain in Laos
  inspired the creation of the book and movie “Flight of the Intruder”.

  Willem Defoe played his part in the movie that was filmed on Kauai. More




Doug Plank  Doug Plank was one of the hardest hitting and most ferocious players in the NFL.
  The game changing “46 Defense” was named after his number while he lead the defense
  for Buddy Ryan at the Chicago Bears. Possessing one of the most intense and courageous
  minds in the history of the National Football League, Doug inspires us with the bravery and
  daring it takes to bring our discoveries to light in the face of the massive disruption it will
  bring to the existing power structures. More



Captain Scott Mitchen  Captain Scott Mitchen is a world renowned treasure hunter and asset finder with
  a deep commitment to spread the love of adventure and the joy of discovery to children
  to create the next generation of explorers. Having a heart as big as his discoveries, Scott
  brings a passion for bringing people together to accomplish great things that inspires us all.
  His long career of finding incredible natural  and man-made wonders has been well documented
  throughout the world in the largest media outlets that exist. We are truly blessed to have a
  man of his energy and passion on our team. More





Academy Award Winning Producer and Film Maker Charles Hambleton



Bill Span and Clive Cussler searched for Cleopatra's Barge in Hanalei Bay, Kauai in 1991

"Cleopatra's Barge," was a yacht owned by King Kamehameha II that sank in Hanalei, Kauai in 1824.

Bill Span and Clive Cussler searched for it one day in 1991. It was found in 1995.

The wreck of America's first private yacht was located at the X below and salvaged by Dave Johnston of the Smithsonian in 1995:


Bruce Willis and Bill Span at Tunnels in 1990

Span with dive clients at Tunnels on Kauai's North Shore in 1990

Jack Haskins and Carl Fismer soon before Jack left his 200,000 Translated Spanish Archival Documents to Carl.

 The documents are Jack's life work from his years spent in at the Spanish Archives in Seville.

  Carl has the ship's logs, the explorer's journals
and all the details on where the sunken and buried treasures are located. 

Capt. Carl Fismer in Pirate Mode!